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There is a sunny spot someone told me about, a warm place that cannot stop smiling. The people there are pondering the big questions in life while tending to a garden of images and words. Look there is a free spot for you. Bring new seeds to be planted, new tools to harvest with. Winter is over and sping will never end.
There is a sunny spot someone told me about. A warm place that cannot stop smiling. I wonder what the people living there are doing. Rebuilding coral reefs, pondering the big questions in life, tending to a garden between words and images.
you're in a club robinson bathroom and just stole ur first beer from the all inclusive tap, your parents are fighting in the sauna but you dont know it yet
Oyster juice, high tide in paradise, the sand and jungle of time and islands. Pictures of Zauber, Anti-Körper, south avenue and soft avenue. Karibische Inseln, pray for the sun, Devil‘s Island. Possession. Self-possession. Summer, somewhere, tropical rain, sandy eyes. A Fine Day Outside. Tropical wave, Caribbean dreams and Tijuana Two. Global grief hanging as low as summer heat. Pleasures of melancholy. Warte nicht auf die night time, when it's such a sunny day. A few palm trees. Silver future radio. The most beautiful palm tree is the ocean. The most beautiful flower is a palm tree.
Welcome to the rainy field The rain is falling stronger and stronger the little boy keeps standing his wet shirt flattering in the wind a car drives by in the distance shortly illuminating him in it's headlights the rain gets heavier but the little boy hasn't moved the shield of his cap starts to bend earthwards his feet sink a little lower into the mud but there is no dirt on his pants how long has he been standing on the field the sky is dark, any stars obscured by mountains of clouds unlike the sky the field is flat you can see for miles but the little boy is alone Is there a smile to be found on his face? you squint your eyes harder to see through the thick rain the puddle around the little boy seems to have grown none the less he stands motionless your ears are ringing from the sounds carried by the wind the air is cleansed by the rain but heavy from the sounds the air grows colder, making the little boy seem more helpless then before but through the cold rain hitting the wet earth he seems calmer you cannot help but ask yourself if anyone else is listening the winds must carry these sounds for miles there is hope in his eyes looking in the distance he belongs somewhere he is the only one that knows where the boy starts to cry it is his last time on the field. he turns to you and looks you in the eye You hear him thanking you for listening How did he know. The rain stops falling.
the little snake and the little snail the little snail moves up the hill what will she do when she is at the top the little snake slowly moves under the hot sun slower and slower freezing in the heat the little snake bites her own tail she's a circle forever the little snake curls up more and more till there's no space left all parts of her touching one another snakes and snails Os So the little snail goes left and left and left and left just a little bit she doesn't notice it's just a big circle the little snail goes step by step if she had feet she would put one in front of the other only thinking about the next one but she doesn't .----. @ @ / .- -.`.\ \v/ | | \ \ \__/ ) =,-\ `-. /. / = =-`-------- ___ / . .\ \ --< \ / _________/ / -=:___________/ the little snake finds a house can she move in too? the little snake meets someone new suddenly her body's shape has changed the little snake lies in the sun she dreams of not eating others the little snail could crawl along the bottom of the page from left to right so when you are done she has arrived but where is she going? the little snail goes back into her house she stays there what else is there to do a n i s l s e n k a the little snail repeats little thoughts in her head on and on one by one so that it's not too much the little snake swallows a house now she is a snail too for R
Winter: Short light cold crows warming eAch other where do they go when it all gets Frozen ovEr? SAFE Spring: young willow fluff stretches aNd yawns thE sWeet sound can not stop smiling NEW Summer: my friend the sunSet to surprisE me took the most interestiNg Streets longer than Ever before SENSE Fall: they were Late old aIr Filled with the worms’ criEs dry grass becomes seeds LIFE
Cold crows waiting. Where do they go when it all gets frozen over? Nests in the clouds crumble frequently. A first sparrow helps, the soon to arrive. Young willow fluff, stretches and yawns. The sweet sound can not stop smiling My friend the sunset, to surprise me, took the most interesting streets. Late as ever, longer than ever before The sun melting through, old air filled with the worms’ cries. Dry grass becomes fireflies, becomes seeds.
01. BIRTH You have changed eyes. Innocent like a child. Speak not for yourself. Are you scared? 02. WAKING UP A thousand instruments will hum in my ears. Their voices had waked me after long sleep, Will make me sleep again. I pray to thee. I must obey. 03. FIRST HEARTBEAT Come, follow. I am worse than devils. Being most unfit to live. I have made you mad. Like this man who stood beside me. 04. (RE-GENERATION) Take my hands. I swear this is the truth. You fools, I and my fellows are ministers of fate. See what you have, and kiss the wild waves into silence. 05. RISING My spirits are nimble. The air breathes upon us here most sweetly. As if it had lungs, and rotten ones. 06. FIRST BREATH It is foul weather in us all. Oozing from your mouth. Poisoning everything outside your skin. One word more. 07. ANGELIC FORM Be not afraid; the air is full of noises. Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not. Oh, the heavens! 08. FRICTION You rub the sore, when you should bring the plaster. Beat him enough. After a little time, I’ll beat him too. Knock a nail into his head! 09. TIRED TRANCE It is a strange calm, to be asleep with eyes wide open, standing, speaking, moving, And yet so fast asleep. 10. LAST ENERGIES A tired trance in such a prison. Standing beside myself. Banished from your eyes, she won’t be around to remind you of your loss. 11. THE END NOW a perfect corpse blood and guts spilling beautifully on the floor Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked. I cried to dream again.
It's around 9am I hear you opening, a fresh bottle of mouthwash we go outside the sky just as blue
Like Water. Close your eyes. Imagine your flat is a boat. Swimming in the city. Everything moves past you. Every time you look outside everything is new. No moment will repeat itself. Infinite moments, none is the same as the one that came before it. Think of every fish that lives in the ocean. There are so many of them I had to google how to pronounce the number. 3.5 with 11 zeros. What’s the chance of two of them meeting again? Let your boat carry you through the city. Don’t sweat it. Lass dich treiben. Open your eyes.
“The moon is made of green cheese” said the fox to the wolf. The wolf said nothing. “It does appear mottled and pocked, much like a disk of cheese” said the fox to the wolf. The wolf said nothing. “The mice that eat it horseshoe-shaped have grown big.” said the fox to the wolf. The wolf took a big bite of the moon. “Wenslydale? Stilton?” asked the fox. “I don’t know lad. It’s like no cheese I’ve ever tasted.” said the wolf.
Young plants don’t need stars, they need the sun.
This must be my lucky one, Because that’s the life. I fell in love with music. I also fell in love with someone Who plays the piano just for me.

"Jugglin' words like they never did anything else!"
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